Ooh Do I Love You

i inherited hard boiled eyes. it’s like you finally realize how lucky you really are to have had a few great heartbreaks.

Anonymous asked: You are so ridiculously beautiful!

hey thanks! so r u

Anonymous asked: What's your stance on relationships? I am very intrigued. I see pros and con's for mono and nonmono relationships. I see it as a room to breathe kind of deal. Its the least selfish way. Its like letting your cat outside. Sex is romanticized anyways.

welllll as of right now I’m v confused as to if I am the type of person who works well with a monogamous relationship, on one hand i absolutely love being with one person but at the same time i tend to get v bored after a few months. I recently got out of a long term monogamous relationship and don’t really know what i want for a partner. sos v confused 

rlly angry/ i dnt know how i feel about monogamy/relationships/ppl anymore.

sos help pls